Need a speaker or trainer for you next event?

“Jorge Raziel Ortiz is a renowned success coach and speaker. He works with professionals and business owners alike in helping create a strategic plan for success. Jorge Raziel understands the psychology and technologies necessary to achieve peak performance and is eager to educate, empower and inspire those that are ready to take their lives to the next level.”

Look what others are saying about Jorge Raziel:

  • “Jorge is a highly energetic and entertaining speaker and coach! If you need to add some inspiration and motivation in your life or business then you need Jorge!” -Ivan Lomeli, President of Success Masters by Design
  •  “As an individual, Jorge is a genuine friend and an inspiration to all that know him.  As a coach and public speaker, he is a high-achieving and goal-oriented person with a passion to help others achieve their own goals, find clarity and bring awareness to their highest potential.” -Letty Garay, President of Personal Transformation Coaching
I fully customize and design a speech to your specific audience needs and your goal as the client.

Some sample topics include:


Our reality is made up of a very unique set of perceptions. Through those filters we create our experience. In this talk we uncover what it takes to create a perspective that will set you up to win and experience life at the highest level. (30min-1hr)


There is power in having a clear and focused purpose. In this speech/workshop we uncover the key elements of attaining that clarity that will overcome any perceived limitation and give you the gears and power to start moving towards your desired destination faster than ever before. (30min-1hr)

  • The Psychology Behind Success: in College/ in Life/ at Work/ in Your Business

Successful people have certain things in common.  The mindset of the successful has been passed down through history via lectures, books and other recordings.  I bring these principles with real life examples relevant to your specific need.  The audience will be entertained and engaged! (30min – 1hr)

  • The Psychology and Strategies OF Effective Time Management

What stops us from doing what we know we should do when we know we should do it? Come learn the psychology behind what stops individuals from maximizing their achievement. Learn the tools, strategies and psychology for effective and successful time management. (30min-1hr)

  • RaiseYour Leadership I.Q.: The Foundation to Sustainable Success

I talk about time-tested leadership principles that are crucial in your relationships thus directly affecting your business, and every other area of your life. (30min, 1hr or 2hr sessions)

  •  Live with Purpose, Enjoy the Journey

I talk about the values and passions that govern our life purpose and how to enjoy the journey of life. (30min-1hr)

  •  The Pillars for Lasting Success

I talk about time-tested success principles that are common all the successful and how to implement them into your lives. (Flexibility in topics,30min, 1hr or 2hr sessions)

  • If Your Heart is in it, the Sky Is the Limit

I talk about how we are meant for greatness and in that journey we need the qualities of persistence, creativity and service to reach that greatness and fulfillment with perspective.(30min-1hr)


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