Zealous Vision is an organization dedicated to help its clients achieve their maximum potential. Individuals and organizations are coached, educated and empowered to move confidently in the direction of their dreams or goals respectively. While individuals experience fulfillment, passion and a sense of purpose, organizations build a powerful culture, strategically make changes to increase employee engagement and drive profits upward.

At the core of Zealous Vision, founder Jorge Raziel utilizes a Holistic Success Coaching approach, where he combines time-tested principles and a powerful coaching process to help his clients gain clarity on how to move themselves or their business to that next level.  He then helps them identify and overcome the internal obstacles that may be impeding their success.

Jorge Raziel speaks to businesses, businesses and non-profits on topics in the areas of success, leadership, emotional fitness, increasing productivity, finding your life-purpose, maximizing your potential in business and many more life-changing topics.

Before becoming a coach & speaker, Jorge Raziel earned his structural engineering degree from UC San Diego.  He worked as an engineer in the private and public sectors for years but felt compelled to pursue his passion and strengths outside of engineering.  After some life-altering events he realized life was too short not to live a life of purpose so he left engineering and enrolled at The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, a top rated school recognized by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as one of the premier Coach training organizations in the world.  He is currently working towards his doctorate in the field of Holistic Life Coaching.  This continuous and holistic training and education continues to fuel his passion to help others and strengthens his coaching/training foundation principles which have now become the corner stone of Zealous Vision.

Jorge Raziel is passionate about personal growth.  Having read and listened to hundreds of books in the areas of psychology, success and achievement before embarking on his journey, Jorge knows he has just started to scratch the surface.  He consistently reads, attends seminars and seeks out mentors; this quest for knowledge and wisdom has equipped Jorge with the tools and time-tested philosophies needed to best help his clients.

Jorge decided to dedicate his life to help individuals and organizations make positive changes, achieve their potential and live more fulfilled lives. Whether that is in their personal life or business, Jorge Raziel has the tools and technologies necessary to aide anyone that is committed.  Jorge Raziel knows he can help you transform what has been stopping you and put you on the fast-track to achievement.


Jorge Raziel Ortiz, Founder & Chief Success Coach


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