Today I wanted to share a little on the power of focus. Now I am sure we have all heard time and time again to focus, that if we focus we will get more done but how many of us actually practice that day in and day out.

We tend to bring into our lives what we consistently focus on and what we focus on expands just by the nature of it. Wouldn’t it make sense to become aware of where our focus is going so that we can be more proactive as to what we are creating in our lives?

Understanding how high-achievers focus and applying that in our lives can make a huge positive impact in our career and in our level of fulfillment and satisfaction.

For a long time now, it has been obvious to all of us that there has been an ever growing accessibility of available knowledge and the advances in technology have made that possible. Also, in an effort to cut cost companies are now demanding higher productivity from its employees where they asking you to do more with less and less time and/or resources; I am sure we can all relate.

We also know that our world is experiencing an accelerated rate of change; if one thing is constant is change. We might even feel like there are never enough hours in the day.  But the answer to achieve more – faster, control the rate of change in our lives and still be able to spend quality time with our loved ones is to utilize the power of focus.

Just as the sun’s rays when focused through a magnifying glass can create intense heat – when you focus your knowledge and skills on a few key activities you are able to accomplish much more than the average person can in far less time leaving you with more time to spend time with your loved ones.

The key to utilizing the power of focus is first to be crystal clear as to the outcome we are looking for and then to identify and put our attention on accomplish just that. We can maximize that power by finding the few activities that if we do consistently will generate us the biggest results, instead of just keeping busy like most people and having little to show for at the end of the day.

One thing we can be sure of, there are never enough hours in the day to do everything but there will always be enough time in the day to accomplish the most important tasks.

So spend a few minutes and clarify exactly what you want to accomplish. Then find the most important activities that you have to do to accomplish what you set out to do. Finally, block out the time and commit to doing them. I would recommend doing nothing else but the most important activities first thing in the morning. By doing so, you will begin to accomplish more and more in less time. You will be producing higher value results and ultimately will reach your goals faster.

Until next time,

Love much, learn often and leave a legacy!


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