A couple of weeks ago I started reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, not because I wanted to become an agent but because I am moving into the area of training agents on the mindset of performance and productivity.  Just finished the 300+ page book this past week; I love learning.  I would recommend everyone to invest a few hours each week to reading a good non-fiction book. This is why…

Let’s say that you read at half the speed of the average person and you only invest 3-4hrs per week to read; you could still be reading about 24 books a year! In a few years you could have read more than most read in a life-time. The way I like to explain it is: you could learn a decade’s worth of wisdom in one good book. Imagine all you could save and how much faster you could achieve when you have the knowledge. If we are open, knowledge molds our philosophies to mimic the philosophies of the successful.

No one can accurately judge what the future holds but we can be certain that as long as we are alive our decisions shape our destiny and our philosophies shape our decisions. For those that might be interested in a summary of the first section of the book, full of good philosophies, read on.  Here are some points I picked up in the first section that talks about mindset:

  • Think Big, Act Bold, Live Large… Become the best you can become.
  • The key to becoming the very best is to think at a very high level.
  • Small goals tend to place limits on our potential achievement.
  • Our reality of what is possible is largely based on what we are focused on.
  • Build up the momentum and it will carry you through the small goals.
  • The greatest aspect of life is that our past does not dictate our future, we have the ability to choose a new path at any given moment and that is what matters most.
  • Those that achieve greatness are those that think greatness every single day.
  • Life and business can be complex but the road to success is fairly simple.
  • Find the simple answers to complex questions but keep taking action.
  • Life can be complex but the path to joy, peace and love is very simple.
  • One of the greatest stumbling blocks to achieving great success for people is that they cannot get their heads around how obvious and uncomplicated success can be.
  • Complexity is really just the accumulation of simple ideas added together.
  •  Peter Drucker says that “plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”
  • Mark Victor Hansen author of The Aladdin Factor says that “the size of our answers is determined by the size of our questions.”

All this from 10 pages of the book! Reading is a habit of the successful. Make it your habit.


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