Say Goodbye to the Emotion of Failure

What is failure?  Can we say goodbye to it in our lives?

According to failure is the act of failing.  To fail is to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, or desired.  If failure is an act and an act is an event with a beginning and an end it simply means that failure is temporary in nature.  Once failure has occurred, it is already behind you.  We can consciously decide to say goodbye to the negative emotions that come from failure in our lives by simply re-defining how we see failure in our lives.  How? Read on!

Have you ever failed?  This question is simply asking you if you have ever attempted something where you did not obtain the results you expected or desired and I think it is fair to say that if you are older than 1, you have failed in numerous occasions.

So why are so many people afraid of failure?  So afraid that many times it stops them from taking action in the direction of their dreams; other times they stay somewhere where they are unfulfilled because they believe they could not succeed or in other words they would fail if they attempted to go elsewhere.  Further problems arise when people dwell on failure or they associate the event of failure with who they are.

The reality is that failure IS NOT a part of who we are IT IS an event and a perfectly normal part of our journey in life.

It is said that the bigger the goals, the bigger the hurdles we will have to overcome and the bigger the failures we will have to endure.  Winston Churchill once said that “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”  In everything I have read and everyone I have met that has reached a high level of success and fulfillment I see one underlying principle: The successful and fulfilled are very acquainted with failure; individuals unacquainted with failure are probably unacquainted with success.

What can we learn from this?  Simply this, do not let fear of failure stop you from moving forward confidently in the direction of your dreams.  The human spirit is never broken when is temporarily defeated by failure … it is when it surrenders to it.  Our feeling of failure never lies in a circumstance not going our way; it lies in us believing it is permanent or a reflection of who we are.

Become well acquainted with failure; make it your new friend.  Take advantage of every failure, learn from it and use it as a stepping stone in your stair case to success.

Accepting these ideas as truth will empower you to no longer be brought down by the circumstances life will bring but instead choosing to accept them for what they are and carrying on because your goals and dreams are much more important…!


A Secret to Success and Happiness

Have you ever wondered what makes the biggest difference between someone who constantly continues to have success and someone that year after year seems to stay the same?

The answer is continuous GROWTH; the process of learning and implementing that which you learn consistently.  One of the concepts that changed my life years ago is CANI.   What is CANI?

CANI is Constant and Never Ending Improvement; created by one of my mentors Tony Robbins.  From the moment I made CANI one of my core values, my life has transformed for the better.

After finishing my engineering degree and getting my state certification as an engineer I thought that I had most of the knowledge that I needed to be successful.  I quickly realized that my formal education was just a preview of what was waiting for me.  Weeks into the profession I quickly realized that I knew a small fraction of what I needed to know to succeed.

But thanks to applying CANI in my life, I quickly found out that engineering was not what I wanted to do in my life.  It is because of CANI that I was able to walk away from a job that was not exciting and focus all my energy on what I am passionate about.  It is thanks to CANI that I enjoy loving relationships and good health.  Imagine what it could do for you:

Better health, more loving relationships, a more exciting job atmosphere and healthier finances… the potential benefits are immeasurable.

The “one-percent rule” says that if you learn one-percent more every day in an area of your life which is important to you, the positive change that it will have in your life in just a few short years will surpass 100%.  That means you will create enormous positive transformations in your life; that is a key to success!

Remember this, formal education will make you a living but continuous self-education and implementation of what you learn will make you a fortune.

Faith in Action Leads to Success!

How many of us associate faith with religion?  During the time I was growing up I would always hear “faith” referred to someone’s religious beliefs, so consequently I grew up associating the two.  That changed really quick when I began to study those that have achieved success and I immersed myself in the psychology of achievement.

Hebrews 11:1 states that faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, and it says that faith gives us assurance about things we cannot see.  The dictionary defines faith as belief that is not based on proof.  Now think about those definitions for a minute.  What beliefs do you act on that you have no proof for?  You might come to the realization that there many situations or circumstances where that is so.

The truth is, we all exercise faith everyday consciously but most of us do so unconsciously.  When we step into a building we believe that the roof will not collapse on us, we have faith in the engineers and contractor.  When we are driving on the road we have the faith that those drivers around us will not crush into us.

Many have confused faith to be religious but anything you believe or hope for that cannot be seen or proven at this moment is the manifestation of faith.  Faith is an essential part of our lives.  Faith provides us the certainty that what we are doing will bear its fruits.  Faith gives us hope and peace through our individual journey of life.  Faith strengthens our perseverance.

Faith is a powerful value that when adopted in our lives it does not only provide the fuel necessary to keep going no matter what obstacle may present themselves but it also has the power to vanish fear.

Where faith exists, fear cannot!

Go out and live with conscious faith.  Have certainty that your dreams will become a reality if you keep at it… because they will.

Build Your Emotional Muscle!

Have you ever heard about emotional muscle? It exists.  What most of us have been used too is the reflexive muscle of our emotions; emotions that have been pre-set by our up-bringing, interpretations of past experiences, and our own beliefs and standards.  We are emotional beings and so much of who we are and what we do is emotional.  We typically do what we feel like doing and don’t do what we don’t feel like doing and we believe that we are doing what is best because of how we feel about it.

What we need to be aware off is that emotions and feelings can be deceiving.  How many times have you pushed yourself to do something that you did not feel like doing but knew that is was the best decision?  How many times have you not done something that you knew it could have been fun or pleasurable because you knew that it was not in alignment with who you are?  This is the difference between our emotions and the beautiful ability of the mind to overcome an emotion when there is enough emotional muscle.

We can build more of the emotional muscle, just like any other muscle, by exercising it.  The more we are conscious of our decisions and their long term consequences and make the decision to take action based on what we know is best instead of how we feel, the stronger we build that muscle and the easier it becomes to make the best decision at a later date.

Now this is the twist, success is the ability to exercise our emotional muscle to consistently do what needs to be done to achieve.  Weather we feel like it or not it is none of our business, we know what we want and what needs to be done.  The sacrifice of working on that emotional muscle now gives us the ability to stay disciplined and do what needs to be done.

What we pay for the work or sacrifice that discipline requires is much less than the price we will pay if we just go by our emotions and never develop the discipline to do what is right. Pay the price now, build that emotional muscle… it will be worth every effort.

Do not let fear stop you from reaching your goals!

In order to step into the greatness that you are you must first believe it so.  Have you ever asked yourself, what if I tried my best?  What would happen if I went after what I want with everything I am?

I know you know that you are not living to your fullest potential. What is stopping you?

I believe that if we had no doubt that we could achieve anything we wanted we would go after it with all we’ve got but what gets in the way is our fears; the fears of the unknown, the fears of change, the fears of struggle, the fears of the potential for failure.

In order to overcome any fear we must choose to re-direct our focus and we must constantly tell ourselves that we can and we will… we must exercise faith.  Faith is a powerful internal force that gives you certainty on what cannot be seen.  Faith is needed to enjoy the journey in life and move confidently in the direction of your dreams.  The future cannot be seen but with faith you can be sure to go through the journey in peace and expectancy and without achieve much more than someone that never tries.

I like how Marianne Williamson laid it out, she said:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You’re playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”

It begins… The Why… My Story.

My name is Jorge Raziel Ortiz; I was born in LA and grew up my first 11 years in the barrios of Lennox, CA.  At the age of 11 my mother moved me and my four younger siblings to northern California to a small town called Turlock; there I went to middle school and high school.  Maybe like many, my life has been filled with many obstacles, and life situations that I really did not know how to deal with growing up; poverty, an alcoholic father, constant arguments at the house, verbal and physical abuse, and the divorce of my parents were all a part of my life growing up.

Nonetheless, both my parents, who immigrated to the US, love me and my younger siblings to the core of who they are; and I love them both.  In their own way they have sacrificed so much to raise us, provide for us and be there as they could so that we could grow up to be men of good, men of God; men because I have four brothers and no sisters, which has been an interesting experience on its own.

I have learned so much from my parents; like a teacher I now study all of the lessons they laid before me on the struggles of life and what to do but more importantly what NOT to do.  These lessons have shaped the man I am today.  In a similar way, we will begin to study the lives of others and acquire the wisdom of time simply by deciding to learn from others who have lived what we have not.  We will also have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of authors that dedicated years of their lives to provide us with value that could improve the quality of our lives.

In the blogs to come I will post the story of an extraordinary person I met with a message of hope, struggle and the things life unexpectedly brings sometimes  I will also post my own personal philosophies as I become aware of them in hope that they will benefit you as well.  We will learn lessons together that we will be able to implement into our own lives today.

I will also add to this blog what I have learned about success, life, relationships, fulfillment, happiness, achievement and on and on.  My passion!  If there is something you would like to learn or read about, please contact me.

If you like the story, like it on Facebook and share it with others.  My hope is that it will inspire and give hope to those that read them.  I will also try to make them as short as possible so it is something you can read and like in less than 5minutes.  With that let’s begin the journey together.

God bless!

My Brothers! My Best Friends!