The Problem with Striving to be Comfortable

From the beginning of time the feeling of certainty or the state of being comfortable has been integral parts of our livelihood. We enjoy the feeling of little tension or stress, who wouldn’t?  As a matter of fact many of us actually feel happier and healthier when we are in our comfort zones.  The comfort zone is that area in our life that is steady, consistent and without much change. Is there a problem with that?

As much as we love comfort, research shows that highly accomplished people achieved their success by constantly stepping out or being placed outside their comfort zones.  What comes to mind is Einstein’s saying: “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” He was talking about a constant mental conditioning that is characteristic to the comfort zone; that conditioning causes you to create and operate mental boundaries which impede your mind to see beyond the problems or comfort zone to a realm of possibilities, solutions and dreams.

Whenever you encounter the feelings of fear, doubt or anxiety you know you are at the border of your comfort zone. When you are experiencing those feelings, ask yourself if what you are about to do or say serves a good purpose or if it serves a purpose for the attainment of your goals and dreams.  Those feelings could also be a warning of something that will be harmful to you, in which case you can re-analyze your approach.

We must remember that feelings are not truth, they are simply indicators. We were given a mind to decipher those feelings so we could then act accordingly to what is best; balancing both our feelings and our mind. Yes, I know… easier said than done but impossible I think not!

Nonetheless, we must always have comfort in some area of our life for it will serve us as a place for rest and recovery but in other areas such as in business, career, money or even sometimes relationships we must move confidently into areas of un-comfort for growth to happen.

I will leave you with this thought: your dreams lie on the other side of many uncomfortable moments where you will have to stretch yourself to new heights; new heights of character, skill and knowledge. So, don’t let the feelings of fear, doubt or anxiety stop you from taking that step. Do it today! What is the worst thing that can happen, you fail? See previous blog on failure.